Le Vin des Alpes, la cave comptoir de Grenoble

Wine Tasting Workshops

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Check printable full 2024 tasting schedule (in French) or have a look at our tastings calendar online

What you need to know:

workshops last 1 hour 30 to 2 hours 30 depending on the type of workshop you choose

« Premiers Pas » tastings: 4 wines with bread, cheese and charcuterie 35 € per person

« Découverte » tastings: 6 wines with bread, cheese and charcuterie (from top local dairies) 50 € per person

« Grande Dégustation » tastings: 6 iconic wines with bread, cheese and charcuterie 80 € per person

« Expressions » tastings: 1 grape varietal in 3 distinctive wines 40 € or 50 € per person

NEW! « Explorations »: an in-depth study of food and wine pairings through 6 wines and home-made food 80 € per person

amount of each wine tasted >4,5cl per person

group limited to 10/12 people

intimate and warm atmosphere

bookings must be made at the shop or on line

workshops run by Eric Esnault, the English-speaking caviste in Grenoble! Maître Caviste, Wine & Spirit Education Trust trained, qualified for the Concours du Meilleur Caviste de France 2014, 2016, and 2020

made-to-measure workhops for groups: contact us for an estimate

wine tasting workshops will allow you to

  • improve your tasting skills (senses, words, pairings…)
  • understand and appreciate wine better (grape varieties, terroir and climate, winemaking…)
  • know your own tastes
  • take the time for fun and sharing (that’s what wine is all about!)

made-to-measure workshops can be held for constituted groups of up to 12 people or more

If they feel comfortable to join, English speakers are welcome at the French language workshops!