Le Vin des Alpes, la cave comptoir de Grenoble

Wine in a Blast: Three reds from the South of France

Quand :
18 mai 2022 @ 19 h 15 min – 20 h 15 min
Où :
Le Vin des Alpes
8 Rue de Strasbourg
38000 Grenoble
Coût :

Wine in a Blast: three wines tasted blind.

I will lead you through the steps of a fun blind wine tasting in English and help you to identify smells and tastes as well as share my knowledge of natural wines and wine making. This is a workshop not a course meaning that everybody will be encouraged to share their impressions.

This will be a hybrid online and offline tasting event, some participants will be also be online with us while we taste the wines at the shop. Here you will be buying the tickets for the IRL event et the shop.

Wine Tasting workshop run in English by Eric Esnault, Maître Caviste, WSET Level 3 and semi-finalist Best Wine Retailer Competition 2014, 2016 and 2020

more info: https://levindesalpes.fr/ateliers-de-degustation/w…

3 wine tasting course with cold plate
Non exchangeable, non refundable tickets

Atelier 3 vins avec accompagnement
Billets non échangeables non remboursables


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